One of the things I dislike about most personal garden sites on the Internet is that all you see are the best and final results. You typically don't see all the failures or the hours of hard work, planning, nurturing and patience that went into creating that ultimate moment when the plant puts forth all its beauty. I'm a "warts and all" kind of gardener and that's why I've created on the site several "diaries" to chronicle my experiences in the garden.

    • Butterfly Garden - My short lived but highly enjoyable adventure into creating a butterfly garden in Tampa, Florida.

    • Awabuki Hedge - We put in a 100' privacy hedge using Awabuki Viburnum at our new house in Florida. It was not an easy experience, but the ultimate result was quite functional and attractive.

    • Marina Bay Garden - A chronicle of my current cottage garden in Marina Bay located in Richmond, California.

    • Fuchsia - Mighty flowers from little plants do grow...

    • Tampa House - An extensive set of pictures and plans from the design, construction and completion of the house near Tampa, Florida.

    • Tampa Garden - Some of my random observations as I watched our garden in Tampa bloom.

    • Frost - A chronicle of the damage and recovery from a killing frost in 2008.

    • "Spike" the Tomato - How to grow or not to grow a tomato in a container.

    • Lacecap Hydrangea - I have a thing for Lacecap Hydrangeas. They just float in the shadows with subtle beauty.

    • Scarlet Monkey Flower - One spectacular producer.