Lathyrus odoratus 'Sweet Pea'
Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are so common, there is not much I can add. If you do want to know more, visit, Renee’s Garden or

I planted the seeds for these Sweet Peas in November of 2009. By April they were exploding with flowers. I’ve not had a lot of success with Sweet Peas in the past. It probably helped that I planted them in a large raised container and gave them exclusive use of a trellis.

Sweet Pea

(April, 2010) - I'd like to believe I'm not into showing off - this from someone who maintains a Web site that's visited by thousands of people every month. But I was extremely pleased when my garden received the "Garden of the Month" award from the local town home association - all because of the Sweet Peas.

sweet pea (March, 2011) - So, figuring I need to double my chances of winning again this year, I have two different containers of Sweet Pea that are growing like crazy. lathyrus