Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower)

  • Overview Produces colorful, long lasting flowers (red-orange and golden yellow) in the summer. Attracts butterflies. Can grow to 6 feet, but dwarf cultivars are available (3' in height). Prefers sun. The plant is rangy with coarse leaves that can be unattractive, so plant it towards the back of the garden. Tithonia is one of the few cut flowers that can take the heat of Central Florida summers and still produce a prolific number of bright, eye-catching flowers.Note, two varieties of Tithonia are commonly called "Mexican Sunflower".
  • Tithonia diversifolia Can grow to 12' high. Invasive - see the article Beware the Bolivians from the UF/IFAS Okeechobee County Extension Service
  • Tithonia rotundifolia


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