Arctotis grandis ‘Blue Eyed Daisy’

(06/27/2010) This is one of those plants where I feel ambivalent. On the one hand the Blue Eyed Daisey is a striking flower, the kind that makes you stop in your tracks and just gawk. The dark blue/gray center framed by the white petals is very unusual in the garden and makes a eye catching addition to a flower arrangement. On the other hand, the plant is somewhat spindly and has, so far, not produced an abundant number of flowers.

So, I wouldn't put it at the in my Top Ten list of favorites, but I still love it for its occiasionsal reminder that Nature is capable of astounding beauty.

Arctotis grandis (syn. Arctotis stoechadifolia) “Blue Eyed Daisy”

Arctotis grandis 'Blue Eyed Daisy'