I saw my first Browallia 35 years ago when I purchased a full grown plant at a local nursery. I was entranced by the profusion of tiny, deep blue flowers. I also liked that Browallias were well suited to small containers in semi-shade, so I could grow them indoors at almost any season. They are not a commonly grown plant, so for the next three decades I searched in vain to find them in a nursery. I finally resorted to growing them from seed and bought a packet from Swallow Tail Garden Seeds.

After several false starts (due to a lack of attention on my part), I was able to nurse a Browallia into full bloom. Overall, the seeds are easy to germinate and the plant has done very well on my sunny windowsill. I should note that ‘Amethyst’ is a purple variety, not the deep blue Browallia I bought 35 years ago.

One of the aspects of gardening that I enjoy is the quest to revive old memories. So I expect that next fall I will begin a search to find seeds for one of the dark blue varieties.

Browallia americana 'Bush Violet'
Browallia americana 'Bush Violet'
Browallia americana 'Amethyst'