Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Sunburst’
Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Sunburst’


Of all the flowers in my garden, I probably put this one in the top 5, if not the top of the list. Striking flowers, tough, long flower season. Wow.

7/26/2010 – This is an excellent, deep yellow coreopsis with a long blooming season. The plant has 2′ to 2 1/2′ stems with brilliant yellow flowers that are great for cutting.

So far it has held up well in the strong winds with no need for staking.


1/17/2011 – This is a truly amazing flower. It has been sending out profuse blooms for over six straight months with no sign of slowing down. While it is showing the effects of the winter cold, it is the only plant in the garden that is throwing off new buds almost daily.

My only problem is that the Coreopsis is starting to outgrow the planter and I need to find a new spot for it. That’s not an easy decision. In order to keep the plant blooming it needs to be dead headed frequently, so I can’t put it in the back of the garden where I’ll forget about it. It needs to be treated like a show piece – up front – in your face – and demanding some attention.


(1/17/2011) While it looks down in the dumps, this is pretty impressive for the middle of winter.

4/3/2011 - True to its reputation as a tough, resilient plant, I wrenched the coreopsis out of the planter in January and put it in the ground next to the fence. I cut most of the foliage and flowers off and stood back. And poof! Barely two months later and it's ready to start popping out a profusion of new flowers.

While 'Sunburst' is in no way an exotic or unusual plant, it is reliable and a producer of really beautiful flowers. I'm happy.

coreopsis grandiflora