Overview - Crinums are hardy in Zones 8b - 11. Leaf mass typically 3' - 5' in height. Forms large clumps (5' - 7' wide) with heavy bulbs weighing up to 20 pounds. Drought resistant and low maintenance.

Aside from the commonly planted Swamp Lily, there is an abundance of Crinum varities that can be planted. They are a tough plant that will last for years and produce exotic blooms throughout the warm months. There are a couple of points you should keep in mind:

    • Crinum bulbs can be expensive. However, once planted they reproduce freely.
    • Crinum do not do well as cut flowers
    • Crinum do attract Lubbers (Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers). While Lubbers are horrifically large and hard to kill, they tend to cause limited damage.
  • Some general references:
Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet'
Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' (crinum powellii)