Daffodils (Narcissus)

Can you grow Daffodils in Central Florida? The answer is ... it depends. At one time Florida was a major producer of commercial Daffodils, but today they are a rare sight in Central Florida. The Florida Daffodil Society suggests that Daffodils can be grown successfully in this zone, but with the following advice:

"For central Florida, daffodils need a bit more attention by you to combat the long summer heat. Compared to north Florida, daffodils need more dappled shade, thicker mulch, deeper planting, greater attention to watering (both lots of water in winter dry periods and seriously dry summer conditions), very good soil drainage, and careful selection of bulbs."

The Society emphasizes that Daffodils need to be kept relatively dry in the summer months to avoid bulb rot.

The University of Florida and floridata.com list Daffodils as hardy in Zone 9, but neither claim that Daffodils will thrive here.

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