Fragaria vesca 'Improved Rugen'
Alpine Strawberries (5/20/2010) I’ve always enjoyed wild or Alpine Strawberries.  While they are small in size, their flavor is intense. Last Fall I purchased some Fragaria vesca ‘Improved Rugen’ seeds from Whatcom Seeds. They germinated easily and were one of the first plants I put in the garden in December, 2009. As a low plant, I used then as an informal edging.

Since then the plants have done very well. They have set out a profuse number of flowers and a few are turning into fruit (although none have ripened so far).

I do have competition, though. A local squirrel has developed a sweet tooth and is stealing a few ripening fruits on his way to raid my bird feeder.

Improved Rugen (6/28/2010) The Alpine Strawberries are now in full production. The seven plants are thriving happily and producing five or six berries every day or two. I never expected them to produce enough berries to make a meal. However, it is a real pleasure to pick a few of the intensely flavorful berries while I garden. Fragaria vesca Improved Rugen