Several different plant groups within the Zingiberaceae family are called "Ginger", but only the Zingiber genus is considered to be the true Ginger. Most of the Gingers are hardy in zones 9b through 11.

Variegated Shell Ginger
  • Costus - Mounding habit. Prefers light shade.
    • Overview
    • Spiral or Red Tower Ginger (costus barbatus)
    • Spiral-Flag, Fiery Costus (c ignius) "Plants reach to about two feet tall, with the tallest stems falling over and lying on the ground. Beautiful, 1.5-inch diameter, orange flowers are produced in the warm months, appearing on cone-like heads at the tips of branches. They are especially showy and will stimulate compliments from visitors to your garden." UF
    • costus productus
    • Crepe or Malay Ginger (c. speciosus) 6' to 8' tall
  • Curcuma - Hidden Lilly, Hidden Ginger, Hawaiian Ginger. Grows 2' to 3' high. Grown for foliage, flowers hidden by leaves, hence the name.
    • Overview
    • Siam Tulip (curcuma alismatifolia) Pink tulip-like flowers that bloom in Spring and Summer. Needs constant moisture during growing season. Can grow to 5'. Prefers sun to light shade.
  • Globba
  • Hedychium
    • Overview:
    • Ginger Lilly or White Butterfly Ginger Lily (H. coronarium) Hardy Zones 8B - 11. Grows in full sun or partial shade. "Pure white, showy flowers emerge from one large bud some time in late spring through summer at the tip of each unbranched stem. Each flower lasts about one day. Several hundred flowers can appear from each bud during a 6-week period. Each stem grows to about 5-feet-tall." UF
    • Gold Flame

  • Kaempferia - Peacock Ginger. 1" to 6" tall. Full shade. Plant dies back in Winter.
  • Zingiber - These are the plants from which the herb Ginger are derived. Does best in partial to complete shade.
    • Overview:
    • Roscoe or Common Ginger (zingiber officinale) Stems 2' - 4' tall. Flowers not especially prominent.
    • Beehive Ginger (zingiber spectabile) Grows to 6' with yellow and white curled bracts in a beehive shaped flower head. Blooms July - November. Good cut flower.
    • Pinecone Ginger (zingiber zerumbet) Grows to 6' or 7' tall. In late summer the plant sends out a short stalk with a brilliant red inflorescence. Fast-growing landscape plant for tropical effect. Cone shaped flowers are long lasting and useful for cut flower arrangements.