Mimulus cardinalis "Scarlet Monkey Flower"


(06/28/2010) This Mimulus produces a profusion of scarlet/orange flowers on multiple 2′ – 3′ tall stems. Its size an color makes it a showpiece in the garden.

I did make one mistake with this plant. I put the seedling in a 10″ pot thinking that pot would be adequate for the root system. I also set the drip system to water it daily. Once the Mimulus started to grow I noticed that by mid-afternoon the plant was wilting from too little water. I kept adding more drippers to the pot, but the Mimulus continued to wilt. I finally resorted to a bubbler that now seems to be providing enough water to keep the plant happy.

This variety of Mimulus grows along streams, so assume it will require a significant amount of watering in order to thrive

Mimulus cardinalis 'Scarlet Monkey Flower'


Mimulus cardinalis 'Scarlet Monkey Flower'
mimulus cardinalis

(03/18/2011) What a trooper. After a spectacular flowering season last year, I expected the Mimulus to expire from exhaustion. Nope. After a couple of months in dormancy, it is back like gang busters. To give it enough room I've transplanted it into the soil in a prominent place on the walk.

I'm preparing to be amazed, yet again.