Bismark Palm
  • Jelly Palm, Pindo Palm, Wine Palm (butia capitata) Hardy from Zones 8b thru 11. Slow growing to 20'. Produces orange-yellow, juicy, edible fruits, the size of large dates, that are used to make jams or jellies. Frutis can be messy, so keep back from sidewalks and driveways.
Pygmy Date Palm
  • Reclinata or Senegal Date Palm (phoenix reclinata) Multple trunked palm that can reach 35 feet in height with a 12 to 20-foot-spread. Hardy Zones 9b - 11. As the palm ages the trunks bend to the horizontal, occaisionally requiring support. Requires plenty of room.
  • Slender Lady Palm (rhapis humilis) Slow growing, forming clumps 6' to 8' high. Prefers partial to full shade. Hardy Zones 9 - 11.
  • Washington Palm (washingtonia robusta) Hardy Zones 9 - 11. Typically grows 40 to 50 feet in height, but can grow to 80 feet. The dead leaves form a covering on the tree that can be a fire hazard and home for rodets.
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