• Overview Maypop, Passionflower or Passionvine is a vigorous, easy to grow vine that does well in Central Florida. It produces gorgeous blossoms and attracts Butterflies.
  • Blue Passionflower (passiflora caerulea) Hardy Zones 8 - 11. Evergreen vines that can reach 30' with white and purple-blue flowers
  • Pink Passion Vine or Blood-Red Passionflower (passiflora sanguinolenta) A free-flowering vine that will bloom with relatively small red to pink 2" flowers from mid-spring to late-fall in mild and warm climates. Estimates of hardiness vary - likely Zones 9b - 11.
  • (4/3/2011) - To the right is passiflora sanguinolenta that I purchased form Annie's Annuals at the beginning of March. It has been slow to take off, probably because March was a cold and rainy month, not the tropical weather that Passion Flowers thrive in.

passiflora sanguinolenta