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I'm indebted to Clare Corré for allowing me to post the following copy of her Plumeria links from Most link pages on the Internet are pretty boring (admittedly, many of mine are not that exciting). Then there are those rare link pages that provide a comprehensive list of resources and advice - a rich source for hours of enjoyment. Have fun surfing...

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Sources of Information:

Recommended Reading:
The Handbook of Plumeria Culture (Flowering Tropicals for American Gardens Series) (Paperback) by Richard Eggenberger
Growing Plumerias in Hawaii (Paperback) by Jim Little
The Exotic Plumeria, a pictorial, Volume 1 by Alan W. Bunch

Plumeria Society of America:
South Coast Plumeria Society
Southern California Plumeria Society
Valley of the Sun Plumeria Society


Plumeria Talk Forums:
Plumeria Pals:
Florida Plumeria Society:
Plumeria Pals Cafe:
The Plumeria Society:
The Singapore Plumeria Passion:
Plumeria 101:
Plumeria Science:
Maui Plumeria Gardens:

Starting cuttings: (Go to Clare's Garden, Creating A Plumeria Collection)




Pests and Diseases:

Photo Galleries:

General Care: (Go to Clare's Garden, Creating A Plumeria Collection)

Soil Mix:

Relevant threads about soil mix:

Starting seeds/Seedpods: (Go to Clare's Garden, Creating A Plumeria Collection)

Threads: (You will need to be a subscriber to to view these threads).


Plumeria Terminology:

Plumerias Articles/Sites: (Go to Clare's Garden, Interview with a Moderator, and Richard Eggenberger)


Garden Watchdog Plumeria Sellers:



Creating a Plumeria Collection

Clare's Garden