My Gardens

Cécile Brünner

A climbing Cécile Brünner Rose over the entryway of our house in Half Moon Bay


Over my adult life I've built three houses and completely gutted and rebuilt a fourth. And, since I was already starting with a clean slate with each of these houses, why not do the same with the gardens? So for 30 years I spent countless weekends planning, turning over the soil, visiting local nurseries, and planting ... planting ... planting.

Now that I'm retired and single, my ambitions have become more restrained. I've bought a small town home with a cottage garden that sits just outside the dining room window. No more grand ambitions of terraforming my back yard.

This web site focuses on the two most recent gardens - the garden I built from scratch with our new house near Tampa, Florida. It was the first chance I had to design a tropical garden. I tried bananas, plumeria and palms - all with varying degrees of sucess. house
The second "house" is my current garden in Richmond, California beside the San Francisco Bay.