Watching the House Bloom

The following pictures trace the progress on the construction and eventual landscaping of our house. For a summary of how the landscaping plan evolved, click here.

May '05 - The lot before construction
May '05 - The Oak trees at the back of the lot.
May '06 - After a year of waiting the foundation takes shape.
July '06 - Walls! Things are starting to move!

August '06 - The roof goes up.
September '06 - The shingles go on.
December '06 - Stucco is applied.
January '07 - A coat of paint
April '07 - The driveway is in.
May '07 - Installing irrigation system.
May '07 - In go the palms
May '07 - More landscaping
May '07 - The sod goes down
September '07 - The basics are now all in. Now it's time to fiddle.
July '08 - We've fiddled a great deal with the Entryway to try and create a more tropical feel to the front of the house.
October '08 - It is amazing to compare this picture with the one taken in May of 2007, a little over one year prior.

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