Landscape Plans

Books such as "Designing Your Gardens and Landscapes" by Janet Macunovich provide a good, basic introduction to landscape design. However, the book is conceptual and left me wondering what the finished product would look like in the real world. On the other side of the spectrum is the Southern Living "Landscape Book" that contains examples of several beautiful gardens from around the South, so beautiful that I find them intimidating.

The following pages are my attempt to bridge the conceptual and the reality of landscape design by tracing the evolution of our garden from the earliest designs to the finished landscaping.

Our first home in Florida was a 25 year old house with a yard full of enormous oak trees. With the extensive, deep shade extending throughout the large lot, most of my energies were spent keeping the grass alive and preventing the limited number of shade tolerant plants from falling victim to neglect. Due to the size of the yard (an acre), any major overhaul of the landscaping was beyond my physical and monetary capabilities. Add to that a heavy workload to pay for all that land and I just did not have time to enjoy it.

After eight years I longed for a smaller yard with plenty of sunlight where I could start from scratch - a manageable property where I could plant the flowers that I had longed for. So our new house presents a clean slate, something small enough with which I can experiment and play and not become overwhelmed.

But where to begin? ....