Evolution of the Entryway

The following pictures chronicle the development of the landscaping for the entryway, which faces the North and is in shadow 100% of the time. The challenge will be finding shade tolerant plants that will survive in this area.

The entryway roughed out in cinder block.

Drywall & Stucco

December, 2007
December, 2007 - The Entryway area has been a major challenge. Since the house faces North, much of the Entry is in shade throughout the year, although there is abundant ambient light. We have also had to find a balance between our desire for a structured, semi-formal appearance at the front of the house, while taking advantage of tropical and semi-tropical plants. We tried several combinations, one using Anthurium and White Bird of Paradise as focal points, but they proved to be too unruly. In frustration, we turned the project over to Palms Nursery and Landscaping in Tampa. They moved the Anthurium and White Bird to another area and replaced them with Flax Lily and Stromanthe. Further down the driveway they installed a Ponytail Palm, some Black Magic Cordyline, Ixora, and and annual bed (currently occupied by Pansies). We had originally installed a Bird of Paradise as a center piece, but through over watering, pretty much did it in. We replaced the Bird and brought in a second one. With time they should create a striking pair.
July, 2008 - The garden continues to fill in. I took out the annual beds (they were not complementing the tropical feel we were trying to create) and I planted more Asparagus Fern and Ixora in their place. Since the front Bird of Paradise looks like it will not bloom any time soon, I planted three Heliconia around it to add some temporary color. I kept the Heliconia in their pots, since they are aggressive spreaders.    


Planting Areas