Tropical & Cutting Garden

The following chronicles the evolution of the Tropical and Cutting Garden on the side of the house. Also, click here for a description of some of the plants that I hope to plant in the area.

July 2006 - We have a long way to go. Right now the tropical garden area to the left of the house is barely more than a dream, probably closer to a fantasy.

April 2007 - After 27 truck loads of dirt, the lot takes shape. The next step is to put in the basic landscaping.

September 2007 - Once the construction of the pool was completed, we were able to put in the grass and Viburnum hedge along with the mulch. Currently the Tropical Garden is a holding area as we complete the other plantings around the house. As I move plants from one place to another, the rejects tend to find a home here. Once everything is a bit more settled, I hope to bring some order to this garden area.

December 2007 - The Awabuke Viburnum hedge is on the left and the Waxmyrtle screen is on the right beside the pool area. We planted three Little Gem Magnolias as a further screen near the pool screen door. The Tropical & Cutting Garden is behind the Magnolia.

April 2008 - Plans change. The original intent was to use this area of the property to experiment with tropical plants. However, the Tropical Garden took on a disorganized and messy look and was in need of an overhaul. I scaled back my aspirations, put in some grass to add a path and added some semi-formal plants (i.e. roses). The result is far more pleasing, but not what I originally contemplated.

It all boils down to my tendency to want to control things. Expert tropical gardeners seem willing to live with a high degree of mayhem and unpredictability. I'd like to believe that I let Nature control my gardens, but the reality is that I still need to insert my own ideas of form and color. While I like the final result, there is no way I can claim that it this is a tropical garden.

July 2008 - Now that I've stopped fiddling with the area the plants are beginning to thrive.


October 2008 - The plants have settled in and are quickly filling up the space beside the house.