Bette S. Walker
Discovery Garden
at the
Hillsborough County IFAS Extension Office

03/04/2007 - Last Tuesday, with the weight of the world bearing down on my shoulders at work, I decided I needed a long lunch - a very long lunch. On a whim I drove over to the Hillsborough County Extension Office. A year ago I had read a very complementary article by Monica Brandies about the Bette S. Walker Discovery Garden and had been seeking an excuse to stop by for a tour. The result was a very enjoyable experience.

While February is typically not a month when Central Florida gardens are at their peak, the Discovery Garden was clearly designed to shine in all seasons.

The first thing I noticed was that the garden was divided into sections such as water gardens (see the pictures to the left and far right), a backyard patio and a wildlife habitat. There were also several niches (picture to right), which provided an abundance of landscaping ideas.
Even though it was late Winter, there were several flowers in bloom.

Knockout Rose

Winter Starburst
I particularly liked the golden leaved Bromeliads in the enormous pots (left) and the Ornamental Bananas (right).

Ornamental Banana
A special thanks to Kenneth, who maintains the garden and who took the time to show me around.