Plumeria Plant Diary

The Singapore and the Celadine
Four Cuttings
10/21/06 - A Singapore and a Celadine Plumeria purchased from Exotic Plumeria .   4/28/2007 - A couple of weeks ago I was walking through the Spring Plant Festival at USF and passed by a Plumeria vendor. She was selling four Plumeria cuttings for $15 and, since she had not kept track of the cuttings, there was no idea what variety of Plumeria you were buying. Mystery. Cheap prices. The promise of fragrant, spectacular flowers. Sold! So here are the cuttings two weeks after being potted.
4/28/2007 - Both Plumeria lost their leaves during the winter, which is normal when exposed to cool winter temperatures. The Singapore (on the right) was the first to re-leaf in April.   7/14/2007 - I lost the two cuttings that had cuts on both ends. Not sure why I failed so badly with them, except that the pulp dried out on both ends and was incapable of supporting a root system. The other two cuttings with closed stems are doing fine, one even has an inflorescence.
Singapore Plumeria
9/23/2007 - Despite some neglect, the Celadine Plumeria I purchased last October continues to thrive, nearly tripling in size in one year.    
Formosa Plumeria
12/27/2007 - The Formosa is happily growing like a weed on the warm, South side, of the house.    
Celadine Plumeria
12/27/2007 - The Celadine has lost all its leaves. I had originally had the Plumeria in the Tropical Garden where it was exposed to a cold snap and the temperature went down to 38 degrees, leading to the leaf drop. I've since moved it to a site near the Formosa where it should be warmer and happier.    
Formosa Plumeria
6/24/2008 - The Formosa has put forth two blooms so far this year and continues to quickly grow.