Containers & Garden Sheds

Containers: I've never had much success finding a comprehensive, authoritative site on container gardening. The links below are helpful, but there is not one site on the list that will tell you everything you need to know. There are probably two reasons for this. First, container gardening is not rocket science. With the exception of a few basic requirements (good soil, an adequately sized pot, adequate light, water and nutrients), there is not a lot to worry about. Second, container gardening is more of a trial and error endeavor - just do it, build upon what works and throw out the rest. So take a look at the material in the links below and, once you get a rough idea of what is necessary, go out to your local gardening center and get started. Be prepared for some failures, but you'll soon get the hang of it and will be blessed with some beautiful surprises. Here are some images to get you inspired.


Probably the best resource I've found: Annie's Annuals Video on Container Gardening. It's a great video.

Container Links: