Hedges and Screens for Central Florida

The following plants are commonly used as hedges (3' to 6') or screens (6' and above) in Central Florida:

  1. Standbys:
    • Hibiscus - Best as a 3' to 6' hedge. Most varieties are not dense enough above that height to be workable privacy screens. Stick to the more dependable varieties (such as President, Seminole Pink, Hedge Red, etc.) to avoid significant leaf drop issues
    • Gardenia - Best as a hedge, especially in shady areas.
    • Magnolia - Southern Magnolias, especially the Little Gem, can be used as screens. However, they are costly and not suited for large applications. The same applies to Hollies.
    • Viburnum - Relatively inexpensive, tough and able to withstand some shade. The Awabuki variety is especially suited for use as a screen. Click here for a detailed description of our experience putting in a 100' Awabuki hedge.
    • Waxmyrtle - A tough, fast growing screen or hedge.
  2. Other Choices: Some other alternatives for Central Florida are:
  3. Combinations: You can also try a mixture of plants in the screen, such as:
  4. Note: Cocoplum (chrysobalanus icaco), Schefflera Arboricola and Ficus are heavily used in Southern Florida as screens. However, these plants are susceptible to leaf drop in cold temperatures (less than 30 degrees), so they are not ideal sources for screens in Central Florida.

Waxmyrtle Hedge

Sandankwa Viburnum
Sandanqua or Sandankwa Viburnum (viburnum suspensum)
Awabuki hedge
Awabuki Viburnum Hedge